Toronto-based painter, David Lovett has exhibited his recent paintings in January 2018 at the Rosedale United Church Art Gallery, on Roxborough Drive in Toronto.

Coming to Canada in 1964 from Devonshire, England he was first based with architectural and design firms in Vancouver. In 1972 he transferred to Toronto to create his own design consultancy. Always a keen eye and painter, Lovett now paints full-time since retiring his firm in 2008.

To experience one of Lovett's works is to enter a canvas where one might enjoy architecture, the sea, the coast, naval vessels and urban living. He captures the light colour and form with a strong expressionistic style. Working in acrylic with a palette knife and brush he imbues each painting with a natural energy and authority that engages the viewer with the essence and character of his subject.

He has been invited to exhibit and become part of the catalogue of a leading Shoreditch Gallery in London in 2018.

David Lovett's work can be found in private collections in San Francisco; Victoria, B.C., Collingwood, Ontario; Brighton, England; Bergerac, France; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Montreal, Quebec; and Toronto.

He also was shown at a charity auction in support of the Advocates' Society's Charitable Fundraising Campaign for the Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program, and the Cottingham Public School Charity Auction.